Nora UU Church - Hanska, Mn

Our Beliefs

Gathering in an inspirational, hilltop setting,
Nora Congregation is a caring community
That encourages spiritual and intellectual exploration
In an environment of freedom and acceptance,
And promotes dignity and justice locally and globally.

Mission Statement
Adopted on Oct. 17, 2004

“We Unitarian Universalists are spiritual beneficiaries and descendents of the Renaissance humanists who insisted that the Bible is human literature about the divine, not divine literature about humans, and therefore requires the same critical approach as any other literature.”
---- John Buehrens, UUWorld, July/August 2003

The Nora Unitarian Universalist Church was organized in 1881 and is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association of independent churches and fellowships in the United States and Canada.

We covenant to affirm and promote:

The living tradition we share draws from many sources:

In keeping with the church's commitment to freedom of individual belief, no creedal test is required of those seeking membership.


  1. that God is a Unity as opposed to a Trinity.
  2. that all human beings can hope for salvation.
  3. that there is in each human person a spark of the divine.
  4. that relevant and meaningful statements of belief are personal statements
  5. that truth grows and changes.
  6. that people should be free to judge whether or not to accept the pronouncements of the church.
  7. that a broadly inclusive tolerance in religion is preferable to an enforced uniformity.
  8. that religious assertions must be reasonable if they are to be accepted as valid.
  9. that doubt can help to winnow truth from untruth.
  10. that a person must develop a trusting reliance on him-herself and his/her own capacity to make sensible life-improving choices.
  11. that religion ought to be concerned primarily with this life.
  12. that answers to question, solutions to problems and comfort from discomfort - to have any real or lasting effect - must come from within a person not from outside.
  13. that God is in the world, not outside the world.
  14. that suffering is part of Life, not punishment for a way of living.
  15. that religious literature gives symbolic, rather than literal, truth.
  16. that religion ought not to involve only ritual, but also reflection and action for goodness.

        - Rev. Roy Phillips, St. Paul, MN.

Also read The Faith of a Humanist, by our former minister, the Rev. Sarah Oelberg.

For more information about what Unitarian Universalists believe, go to the Visitors Page of the Unitarian Universalists Association web site.

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