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Solar & Wind Study

Wind Turbine

Sept. 26, 2009    

Dear Nora Church Member,

The Social Justice Committee has been exploring whether a renewable form of energy is feasible at Nora Church.  In June the congregation voted to have an assessment report done by Energy Concepts of Hudson, Wisconsin.  The report has been completed and is enclosed. Also enclosed is a wind supplement report providing further background information.

A recommendation from the committee will take more time and study.  According to the report an effective wind or solar set-up could be sited on our property.  A wind turbine located at either site 1 or site 2 would require a Brown County permit and  variance since we would not have the required setback, (1 ½ times the height of the tower).  The financing of this project would be the most challenging task.  Perhaps an investor group could be formed to take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit available for renewable energy.

Although we do not have a recommendation at this time, we would like church members to study this report with us.  We welcome your feedback as we continue to consider the pros and cons of wind, solar, and geothermal alternatives.

Solar & Wind Site Assessment Report
Wind Assessment Report Supplement
Nora Clean Energy Report

Social Justice Committee

Angie Becker Kudelka
Angie Becker Kudelka
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Lee Drogemuller
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Jeanie & Darrell Hinsman Jeanie
Darrell Hinsman

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Scott Kudelka
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